white moth revisits the fading memories of cultural myth and customs. The work draws from fragmented stories, real and imagined, from body and space – colliding mortality with the ephemerality of nature. It is an invitation to meditate on the resonance of light and darkness.

This work is an excerpt from the full length performance, moths are calling performed in Melbourne at the Fort Delta Gallery and at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2014. In this installation, the work explores and adapts to the site, a "museum" and its artefacts at the Ren i Tang Inn. In the absence of live musician Ria Soemardjo who created and performed the original score for moths are calling, an original soundscape accompanied the performance.


An eerie transformational work, complete with thunder-and-lighting effects (unplanned but rather powerful!)...

Tim Craker, Cherrycake Studios, Penang


Janette Hoe  |  concept, choreography, performance, sound design

Proudly supported by Ren i Tang Heritage Inn, Penang

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White Moth (2014) video excerpts

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