“A spectacular large white moth appeared in the room at a family reunion in Malaysia. Astounded by its presence, we all shared the same Chinese belief that it was my deceased grandmother’s spirit paying us a visit.”

Janette Hoe


moths are calling is a visual, movement and sonic performance. It occupies a temporal and architectural space to consider enduring and changing aspects of human being... the past is present in us, we manifest to ourselves and others,

...what is revealed of our customs and beliefs, 

...our hopes and fears. 

The work invites considerations of the finiteness of lives, our 'becoming’, being at the edge of understanding and the mysteries of light and darkness. 

This place-responsive piece, presented at two separate times and in different sites – Fort Delta Gallery (Feb 2014) and Space 876, Victorian College of the Arts (Jul 2014) revealed variations in narrative shaped by the architectural elements and essence of each respective site.


“Time was lost and found in passing moments and sounds. I felt transported – into a space and another time. Beautiful and haunting.”

Simon Spain


"Laced with lightness and delicateness…with a quiet strength. Femininity in all its range and diversity…”

Ren Walters


Janette Hoe  |  concept, choreography, direction, performance

Ria Soemardjo  |  composition, performance

Paula van Beek  |  lighting design

Tamara Kirby  |  installation design (VCA season)

Images: Eelin Cheah

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moths are calling 2014 video excerpts