The Echoes Project in THE SEAFARER'S WELCOME

The Echoes Project in THE SEAFARER'S WELCOME


THE SEAFARER’S WELCOME is a tribute to the art of welcoming travellers – at a time when the act of welcoming is becoming a rare tradition.

The Echoes Project is an ongoing collaborative project, creating contemporary ritual in response to specific sites.

In THE SEAFARER’S MISSION audiences are invited to journey through mesmerising live soundscapes, movement and imagery, into the unique and surprising spaces of a little known sanctuary, set amidst the rapidly shifting landscape of the Docklands. Meeting at the Seafarer’s bridge on the Yarra, audiences will be immersed in contemporary ritual performance and welcomed into the Mission to Seafarers site. This quirky, historic site is a symbol of old world generosity that has been a refuge for seafarers for the last 100 years.

Janette Hoe | dance artist

Pongjit (Jon) Saphakhun | actor

Ria Soemardjo | musician  

Ron Reeves | musician

Matt Stonehouse | musician / instrument maker



Images: Max Milne

Cover Image: DWV Photography

Presented by Mapping Melbourne Festival 2018

Supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program

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